About Me

Janet Kangas believes that healing shows up in all of our lives in ways that speak directly to our hearts.

She is a medium who helps people connect with family, friends and pets who have passed on so that they know without a doubt that love never dies. This is a wonderful way to find a sense of peace, and often a joyful way to connect. Grief touches all of us. Connecting spiritually with those who have gone on is profoundly healing.

Her family had a season of loss when several members passed on, including her parents. Janet is a lifelong writer who has used writing to communicate, educate and heal.  She began her career as a newspaper reporter and editor. She studied Writing to Heal through Duke Integrative Medicine, Durham, NC. All of us face times of loss and sorrow. Just listening to the daily news can be unsettling. Janet knew that she wasn’t alone in needing a place to express her feelings about life’s challenges.

She said, “Saying what is in your heart on paper helps you to feel heard. Whatever healing is needed – death of a loved one, an accident, a loss of any kind – you need to be heard. Writing is a way to get to that place of healing. You can talk about it, walk and meditate and cry – but writing is a way to gather up all those feelings and put them in one place. From that place you can decide what to do next.”

Janet welcomes interest in her work as a Guided Writing Coach for individuals who would like to explore their own personal writing journey. She uses her gifts as a writer and medium to help others to heal. The intent is always to express, enjoy and share from a place of love.


Contact Information:

Email:  jkangas040@gmail.com