Medium Sessions

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We can meet at my office in Holly Springs, at your home, or over the phone.  

One hour session $150

Half hour session   $75

Small groups are welcome. Contact me to discuss size of group and cost.

What to expect

I’ve had some interesting questions about my work as a medium. I never really understood the differences in psychic abilities until this gift showed up in my life. I had heard of psychics and mediums and thought they were all in the same basket. Some people have a gift of being able to tell people about things that are coming in their lives, things to know, things to prepare for – what’s coming. I don’t have that gift. Mediums connect with souls who have passed on. That is the gift that I received. I can talk to people and pets who have gone on, and help those here on earth to have some comfort and connection with them.

My job is to convey all the information that I receive. I don’t always know why I’m telling someone something, but I always know that the purpose is about love and connection. I also can’t make Spirit tell me anything. People will often ask very specific questions but we don’t always get specific answers. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen the readers at carnivals or on television programs that we think we can get the answer to where Aunt Mary put her diamond ring. Mostly, we get reassurance that we’re not alone and that we are loved. There is much healing in that.

Sometimes people ask me if what I do will be like the mediums they see on television. Everyone has their own special gift, so the answer to that question is no. I receive information through images, words and a sense of knowing. Sometimes the communication comes through as a scent like smoke, perfume or food cooking. The purpose of the communication is to reassure us here that we are not alone and that we are loved. Love never dies. 


I met Janet through a mutual friend. Once I heard her story, I was excited to book an appointment with Janet so we made plans to meet the following weekend.  Janet was able to make a connection with my deceased father and pick up on some of our unfinished business. While that was very exciting, the most valuable part of our meeting was more educational in nature. We discussed meditation and ways to explore that practice in order to make my own spiritual connections. I found this information and guidance to be so helpful with my own journey and have since been meditating and learning about my own spiritual energy connections. It is all very invigorating and I would recommend Janet to anyone interested in discovering this new part of themselves. – Wendy 

I have enjoyed two sessions with Janet Kangas.  First, I would like to let people know that I have some experience with mediumship and past lives.  I find Janet to be very authentic and believe she definitely has experienced a personal journey that led to this gift being revealed.   After doing the clearing I felt much more clear and a lot of healing was possible.  It truly helped me move forward with a difficult family situation.  I highly recommend Janet for her compassion and guidance. – Mary

A childhood girl friend from grammar school came forward at a session. She wished to let me know that she had always been looking after me and would continue to do so. Initially, I could not recall the name and after some reflection I remembered her clearly. She had entered an order of nuns and later was a teacher in a Catholic pre-school close to the church I attended in Chicago. It was such a rewarding and happy experience to realize that this long-time friend had cherished our friendship enough to “watch over me,” even now at 91. I found it to be a very reassuring experience. – Esperanza