Hot! Hot! Hot!


Elaine sunsetLet’s keep going with the summer writing challenge. Set aside 10 minutes and just write.  Today’s topic is “How hot was it?”  Write about the hottest summer you can remember. What did it feel like? What did you do to cool off? Here’s a memory of mine:

I can hear my dad’s voice now, “Lay still and you’ll cool off.” I grew up in western Pennsylvania in the ‘60s and 70s when air conditioning wasn’t everywhere like it is now. We lived in a ranch style house that had an attic fan in the hallway. It pulled the warm air out of the house at night, encouraging the cool air to come in through the windows.

Sometimes on those few August nights when we couldn’t get relief from the heat, it felt like we were baking in our beds. But Dad was right. If we just relaxed into the night, the air would cool down and we could drift off. With all the windows open, I could listen to the frogs and the cicadas sing us to sleep. By the morning it was cool enough that the sheet felt good around my shoulders. It was so delicious to feel cool, especially when we knew it wouldn’t last long. That heat would find us before noon and follow us into the evening.

(sunset photo by Elaine Estes)

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