It Takes Me Back

roses in vaseWe make new memories every day, but with just a scent of honeysuckle or a taste of watermelon, we can flash right back to a summer day in our childhood. The senses do a great job of reminding us of times gone by.

The picture of the roses in a vase was made here in Willow Spring, NC, at my kitchen window. We have one of those knockout rose bushes in front of our house. It grows so fast that, before you know it, it’s six feet tall and filled with roses. When it blooms and the bees start humming around it, it takes me right back to my Great Aunt Frances’ house in the 1960s.

She and my Uncle Ed lived just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, in a sweet little four-room house.  They lived in town (which is what we said because we lived in a rural area) and they had a little yard that my Uncle Ed kept immaculate. Behind their house was a huge rose bush. I think it wasn’t as big as I remember it, but it was so beautiful. As a little girl, I loved to just sit in the grass next to it. When the summer air was warm and there was a breeze, the roses smelled like love. My Aunt Frances was so proud of her roses. I remember her smile like it was yesterday.

Aunt Frances and Uncle Ed and the rose bush have all been gone for more than 30 years, but the little vase of roses on my kitchen windowsill takes me straight back to them.

What memory do your sense conjure up? Take today’s challenge and write a few sentences. I know I enjoyed writing about my summer memory today. See you tomorrow.


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