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I took a little break from writing and figured out something important. Writing soothes my soul. For most of my life I have taken writing for granted. It’s somethiart-1284384_1280 (2)ng that I have done since before I even knew how to form letters. It was so much a part of me, I didn’t realize that it was a gift.

When people would tell me that writing was hard for them, I thought they meant that they just hadn’t given it a chance. I know that there are good writers and not so good writers. I’m not talking about talent or winning awards. I’m talking about writing until you feel better. I love writing other people’s stories. I love writing letters. My husband said I am the last person since the 1940s who still writes post cards. I just hadn’t realized how much writing has been responsible for keeping me from falling off the planet.

Four years ago we had several deaths in our family. I called it the Winter Everyone Died. It wasn’t quite everyone, but it felt like it. I signed up for a “Writing to Heal” class. I didn’t know where to go with the grief I felt. The class reminded me of an old fairytale where a man had a terrible secret that he couldn’t share with anyone. Because he couldn’t say it aloud, he dug a hole in the ground and shouted the secret into the hole. His secret was safe in the earth and he no longer had the burden of carrying it around by himself. That’s how I felt about grief. The page became my hole and I wrote my feelings onto it.

It was a good thing that I did, because there was more grief on the way. My dad died next. And I lost my job. Everybody has the same kind of loss in their lives. What I have found is that everyone needs a place to put their feelings. Our family and friends want to help us (sometimes), but our culture does not encourage us to talk about hard things.

When we say, “How are you?” most of us want to hear “I’m fine, thanks.” We also need the answer to be 15 seconds or less. We love a good sound bite.

To soothe my soul and to help you soothe yours, I developed a writing class. It is called Soothing Your Soul – Writing through Life’s Hurdles.  This is a class that gives people a place to write what’s in their hearts. It is intended to be fun and creative. Each class will begin with topic guides and a theme. Write that letter to someone who is long gone. Write a poem that expresses how you really feel about a success or a loss. Just write because it feels good. You can choose to share your writing with the class or keep it for your eyes only. Saying what is in your heart on paper helps you to feel heard. Writing is a way to gather up all those feelings and put them in one place.

I plan to offer the class in September through the Holly Springs Arts Council. I’ll post more details in plenty of time for you to register.

Contact Janet Kangas at (Instructor Janet Kangas is a lifelong writer and editor. She is experienced at teaching Writing to Heal and Guided Autobiography.)

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  1. I can tell that you are passionate about writing! Your insights from a similar class of yours precipitated a bond between us, the attendees, that opened our minds and hearts to each other. We were all strangers to each other but ended as friends. We shared and cared for each other as we revealed some sad, some wonderful, some true insights about ourselves.

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