Love is the answer

I have been a writer all of my life. I have loved writing about other people and the amazing stories that every one of them has to tell.┬áSomeone asked me why I wanted to write a blog and I had to think about it. I have written everyone else’s story but never my own. I can’t write my own story without mentioning other stories along with it, because all of my life I have been a people watcher. I am always looking for the happy ending. If you have lived at all, you know the happy eriver-tubingnding isn’t always easy to find – but I have learned that it’s always there. If you choose love no matter what happens, it’s always there. I like to think love and joy go together, but sometimes love and grief are holding hands for a long time. Love is there if you look for it. This blog is about how I learned that love is always the answer.